Yale School of Management Masters in Business Administration

3 Things I Learned at Yale School of Management


I would like to share the 3 things I learned at the Yale School of Management.

Excel Solver

In the elective Advanced Business Analytics with Lesley Meng, I learned about the power of Excel’s Solver tool.  What an amazing tool for solving complex business problems.

Duration Of Bonds

In my Investor class with Roger Ibbotson, I learned something new about financial markets, what the duration of a bond really means.  I had not learned that the duration is the sensitivity of a bond to a change in interest rates.

Elasticity of Demand

Alright, I already knew about what the elasticity of demand curves is, how it is calculated, and what it means.  But in my Competitive Strategy class with Sonia Marciano, I learned something new.  The elasticity of a demand curve is not only the slope of the curve but also the distance from the origin.